Welcome Back!

Welcome back!

I am sure you are all rested are ready for the end of the semester.  Over the break we did some infrastructure clean-up and Chromebook cart rollouts!  Some of the particularly bad cabinets at MHS saw a complete rewiring.  And, more excitingly, both AHS and MHS are now opperating with a new cart of Chromebooks.  We look forward to monitoring the successes and failures of these devices as we determine the best fit for our district.

We hope you had a fantastic break and look forward to closing out the calendar year with you and our students.  Thank you for your support as we continue to implement upgrades and new technologies into our schools.


CETPA 2017 is happening!  This year there has been a great turn out and our team will be implementing some of the ideology and strategies gleaned from neighboring districts and specialist in the EdTech field.  We are very excited to bring home some new technologies and ideas to help us prepare for the inevitable shift to digital curricula and cloud based learning services.  The cloud is coming, and we will be ready for it.

November Tech Committee Meeting

Our last District Tech Committee meeting on Thursday, November 9th was a productive one.  Several hot topics were discussed and there were some great conversations around those topics.  We decided as a committee to begin reducing filter restrictions and promoting digital learning relative to digital citizenship.  This is and will be be an ongoing goal and the filter changes will be implemented slowly and effectively.  Our district has already done a fantastic job of implementing this type of training and we would like to support and expand those endeavors.  The first round of filtering lifts will include news sites that have comment sections.  I would like to thank our wonderful staff and administration for agreeing to meet and discuss these difficult and polarizing topics and come to an agreement for the benefit of our students and district.  I look forward to many more productive meetings.