Classroom Workstation Upgrade

Our district has seen a classroom upgrade in the form of the Lenovo ThinkCentre!  Though they look small, they are a perfect example of the falicy of book-cover judgement.  They are powered by AMD, 8 Gigabits of RAM and Raedon Graphics processing with triple monitor output capabilities.  In a nutshell: they are great little workhorses.

Our old workstations were nearing the end of their usable life.  As the hardware slowly failed, issues crept up daily which was eating up a lot of the teaching staff’s and our team’s time to maintain.  In an effort to increase classroom productivity and to allow our tech team more time to assist staff,  funds were allocated from District one time Technology reserve dollars to make this purchase possible.  I thank the staff at large for their patients over the last year and to our leadership and business teams for working with me to make this happen.  I hope you all enjoy your new tech!